Digital project management -ICT

Management & leadership


  • Understand the 3 dimensions of a project: technical, human and organizational;
  • Assimilate the fundamental concepts and best practices of project management;
  • To take into account the specificities of a R&D project;
  • To discover and understand the project processes;
  • To elaborate a specification or to analyze it with a critical approach;
  • To be able to organize a project effectively according to the objectives and constraints;
  • To form a team and to lead it by taking into account the profile, the objectives and the motivations of each member;
  • To plan the batches of realization and to pilot the project using key indicators (KPI).
  • Know how to develop a risk management matrix and deal with each risk according to its criticality.
  • Understand cross-functional management and turn it into a lever for operational performance.


18 h






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